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Originally Posted by DarkJak2050 View Post
Uh Zero, exactly what do you have for your signature?
Minato Arisato and his -unnamed- female counterpart, main character(s) of Persona 3

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
You know, all of us seem to have forgotten the concept we all loved before: Badass Normals. Nowadays every male we use is either an augmented clone, a kamen rider, a power armor substitute wearer etc etc. It's kinda sad that the tank bred clone implanted with combat strategies is actually the most normal thing in comparison to everybody else.
Originally Posted by agetreme View Post
There is certain limit a normal human being could humanly do. Fighting IS is probably not one of them. At the very best they could only distract the IS until the real firepower(most likely another IS) arrive.

Badass normal may be fun to do but probably not here.

In IS where the power armor can shrug off conventional weapons such as tank and missile.....

What make you think your normal knife and gun is going to work?
(note: The key word is normal, no access to special weapons. Only conventional tools which mentioned in canon, doesn't work)
Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
"In war, the lucky ones die in the front lines."

Another really weird quote that came to me suddenly.

Well Genta is human... err boosted by Cosmic energy when he got his ultimate form but that's besides the point

I still have Aries on my waiting list anyway.
Originally Posted by StratoSpear View Post
Well, not all of us have the creative capacity to write out a proper story of a normal guy doing extraotdinary feats without assistance of an external agent AND actually make it interesting to read and write.

I am one of those people(the not having the creative capacity ones). Mainly because I have been so intrigued by combat machines since young. (Gundam, Mechwarrior, Armored Core etc.)

That and I have a knack of dwelling on What Ifs.
Exactly what Stratos said, 1/3 of I.S. is about mech beating each other (2/3 being harem comedy and fanservice) and thus mech-using protagonist is what's the most common and is THE point.

Badass normal protagonist is not, however impossible, just require more unique plot.

Everyone summed this up already, making a badass normal a character require a subplot that does NOT involve I.S. getting into fray and have an epic fight.

Jak's first arc of Project Silverback, take for example, showing how hopeless normal, even hard-forged human fighting I.S., especially on foot.

Hawke's story less about I.S. and more about the works behind the curtain (espionage, politics, human relationship etc)

And of course, you want to write badass normal, Irish and Saito (or his companion) being your own answer

Originally Posted by Eratas123 View Post
Oh, and I've stopped using Microsoft word. I find uploading the file to and working on it from there directly to be more relaxing: No pesky word count and I can accurately gauge how long my paragraphs are to readers.
I used to do this, but frequent blackout pissed me off by deleting my progress, and thus I returned to MS word for convenience.
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