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Originally Posted by LoveMeKags View Post
Alto had too many problems. (Many I won't name since they've been discussed before.)

Kirito is way too popular with no real reasons. The first season was great, except if he'd never met Asuna, he'd have continued to be a lone player & never amounted to anything, then he'd be forgotten like Alto. He had to be the main hero & use the Godmode. Plus, it was already bad enough that his only reason for living after meeting Asuna was for Asuna. He couldn't really stand on his own as a person. That is what hindered the second half badly; because he needed so many people supporting him in order to rise to power again. & sadly, the way it is presented is even more horrible than the aspect.

Sorry, I don't really linger on the Macross boards lately because they're so inactive. Yeah, I re-read & yes, I understand all of you are giving your opinions. I apologize for my outburst. I blame my lack of sleep over doing homework at the last second due to my job.

I guess we'll know the answer when this month's poll is posted.
Kirito is a Gary Stu and a bit of self insert character hence his popularity.

He's still not deserving of being so high on the rankings though.
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