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Honestly the only ending that makes sense in my mind now is - Kirino finally understanding that her brother isn't an omnipotent superhero, understanding what Manami said 3 years ago about having feelings for her brother would only cause trouble for everyone, forgive her brother, and let Kyousuke and herself live a happy life with someone else respectively.
Well, this can be discussed in the novel thread (and probably should be), but the only problem with that is that you're assuming Kirino's feelings are (still?) one-sided. Even if Kirino abandoned her feelings for Kyousuke, it doesn't mean that Kyousuke can so easily abandon his feelings for her. The definition of just how deep his feelings run is the very topic to be settled in the final volume, but it's long past the point where we can pitch this as Kirino's one-sided crush. If Kirino were to try to accept Manami's advice in a one-sided fashion, it would only make it more likely that Kyousuke would go after her. They'd have to arrive at a mutual understanding.
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