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Originally Posted by zzhk View Post
円環 is a ring, torus, or a circular object.

How is the usurpation process even a circle in the first place (and never previously referred to as such)?
Well you are the translator but I also got the impression Circe was talking about Pandora as well. She was referred to as a witch numerous times. I thought “Circle of Usurpation” refers to the authority of Pandora or some kind of ritual or spell that allows the transfer of authority’s when a god is used as a sacrifice. Circle maybe because at the beginning the God is on the throne and the Human is an object but after the god gets killed the Object becomes King and sits on the throne. This continues so long until he is kicked out from the throne and therefore it is a never ending Circle.

By the way thanks for all the work you put in the translation of Campione and the other ones you are working on.

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