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Originally Posted by zzhk View Post
円環 is a ring, torus, or a circular object.

How is the usurpation process even a circle in the first place (and never previously referred to as such)?
Circe - "If only this half of a body is used as a sacrifice, the [Circle of Usurpation] belonging to that joke of a witch probably won't come into play..."

She talks about being a sacrifice, and the spell name includes usurpation. And Pandora has been called a witch before, by Melquart and Verethragna if I'm not mistaken.

Also, Guinevere no longer exists. The one now carrying the aforementioned medallion is Athena(Mark Two), and she isn't a witch, right?

Aaaaaand I just realized I was talking to Zzhk. Shutting up now.
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