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Originally Posted by Joka View Post
I have a question or two.

Why do anime makers insist on making an anime, School Days e.x, that has the focus of relationship/drama and produce such characters that are so unbelievable, untrue, and fictional, that they make anybody with an IQ above 80 want to not watch? The three main characters in School Days are according to me mentally challenged. Why must makers feed this stupid, immature, fictional crap down our throats all the time? Can we not have ONE relationship anime where the people act like they are not mentally handicapped? I know there are one or two, but just not enough. Anyways those were my questions.
well you better stop watching now as for me im happy that my IQ is less than 80 :3

and i thought it was extreme when critting on their intelligence but boy you broke even that no i do not believe that they are unrealistic because crap like this can happen...maybe worse in fact but its just that most of the time no body cares about crap that can be avoided by onlookers (no i do not want to hear about how screwed my friend's relationships are etc )

as for the romance thing...guess not ~ its either some main character screws up or GTFO! being serious that is mainly the point as hardly anyone would want to watch a straight forward relationship planned to perfection (boring yawns ZZzzZZ) ~

relationship angst is the best way to fill those with needs (or are just sad like me )

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