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Originally Posted by Marina View Post
oh-ho-ho-ho! I'm left handed too
REALLY cute drawing, I wish you could draw an anime rendition of me too! I love how you made your hair have that little pop up at the top, and the glasses set it off perfectly ^_^
*High-Five for left-handedness* \(^o^)/

Y'know I could try to draw you Marina-chan. All I'd need is a reference picture of you or I could try off of a description~

Originally Posted by AtomicoX View Post
Interesting idea and stance. Reminds me of something...
Considering I can't draw at all because my hands won't obey me, I don't think it's that bad. New perspective, new concept, it's bound to have its faults, but I think you should continue practice it. You can do some more interesting humanoid things I would be glad to see...why not do some shorts/comics or something?
Short comics? Ehh...I don't have the imagination for that. Thanks for commenting though. ^^

Originally Posted by Daniel E. View Post
Hey, that's a really nice drawing!

It strongly reminds me of Yomi from Azumanga Daioh.
Me? Like Yomi? Hmm....oh geez, I even have her personality. I never even thought of that.
Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
Indeed, nice work. Out of curiosity, what parts were out of proportion?
Thanks Ledgem. Well, to me, it seems that one of the hands is bigger than the other. Perhaps, no one else sees it?

Originally Posted by konstargirl View Post
It kinda does I agree.

Sorry if we I'm spamming on your thread. Nice drawing.
Originally Posted by KiNA View Post
Its a bit late.. but I saw my Tamanee above.. so I'm claiming her

And Yomi would so own me if not for the imbaness of Sakaki
Originally Posted by Aya_Lyka View Post
your siggys are awesome. Hakuryu this are really great i think your already an expert at this, very very great. *cookies*
Sankyuu, Thanks, and Thank you guys so much.

Oh, I'm surprised no one noticed that I got my 6th box a couple of days ago. xD

Only one sig this time...and it's acutally not AS-safe cuz I don't want to mess with .gifs right now.

I want some rain. ;_;
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