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Originally Posted by The Chaos View Post
B/c you Despair in the last two days so no one knows
I'm Late... But Congrats Haku-Chan
Haha, work has got me busy busy busy.
Originally Posted by Malin View Post
Nice stuff you got here Hakuryu

I really like this signature! It makes me want rain even though i hate it!
How could you hate the rain?! Dx
But thanks~

Originally Posted by Marina View Post
Was out of town for the past thanksgiving weekend, oh do forgive for not noticing your 6th box!!!

on the drawing note.... >>
Spoiler for pic:
Ooh, this is gonna be fun. I'll do my best to draw you Marina-chan. ^^
Originally Posted by Riker View Post
Oh dear, FCers really are getting fatter by the day. D:

Anyways, congrats Hakuryu. :3
At least I'm not as fat as you or KiNA.
Oh, love the Nilitsu art in your sig Riker. ♥

Just one sig...but this is the longest time I've ever taken on a sig. It took a hour and a half to make, and the colors still look a little off. *sigh*
But at least it's an Okami sig, right?

(The text on the right translates to Amaterasu)
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