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[QUOTE=Reckoner;2302270]Ok I'm arrogant, it's not worth the time to revisit anime when I am already backlogged on other shows.

Picking up her bags and leaving Ryuji is not out of character because she already ran away once?

Originally Posted by typhonsentra View Post
I think it's resolved because we see no indication that he's planning to go to college anymore. I'd like to point out though that Ryuuji isn't really looking to financially support her so much as he views going to college as too much of a burden on her. The reason he took the part time job in the show was because it was Yasuko's job and she was sick through that period.

Why do you think that I do not understand this? I get it. I do not disagree with the character's intentions here, but this conflict was NOT resolved. The fact that you would use the word "seems" already shows me that you are expressing doubt in his actions. We do not know what he ultimately decided to do.

The novel isn't relevant here. She said in the anime that only one person has seen through her.

I am not asking for them to make episodes of her or other characters after graduation, but I would like to see these character's final determinations. We were kind of left hanging with her aspirations, and ultimately I feel like we never got to know the real Ami in this anime.


I did not misunderstand or miss anything about the relationship. I detest this argument of "...oh you don't agree with me, so you must have missed something."

And whoever said standard treatment was OK? I do no like standard treatment.
I'm grateful enough that you didn't give it a 1 rating out of spite.

As for the real Ami, I think it's telling enough that she states she 'is a kid'. Being mature and 'acting' mature are two separate things, that she is trying to quit being fake is miles away from where she was at the start.
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