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Originally Posted by Yukinokesshou View Post
Despite the anime constantly telling us that Ami is hot, attractive, good-looking, a model, etc... I always felt Taiga was better looking
Originally Posted by Avira View Post
The two things Ami has is...height and, quite frankly, boobs
Which seems to be all you need to be called beautiful in Japan(don't forget the boobs, they're IMPORTANT.)
But I always thought Taiga was simply prettier.

Ami's hair is boring:/
Personally I find the Taiga in the novel illustrations prettier than in the anime.

Originally Posted by Shabazza View Post
Just because in his opinion it is above average doesn't mean that it is my opinion.
I only said that it "sums it up" which means that he listed the important points.

However the points have different importance to me and therefore I come up with a different total rating compared to him. In my opinion the bad points outweigh the good points while for him it's reversed.
Then you should have made that clear when you posted the link to the review.
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