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Originally Posted by AmyElizzabeth View Post
Umineko anime was awesome, I'm tired of people comparing it to the VN.
Sorry, but it was poorly done. Even without comparing to the VN. There are things that are, indeed, very good. Voice acting, for exemple. And the music. It is somewhat pale comparing to the VN, but it is very good by it own. The general art and script, however, is just poor. Not realy bad, but it is not good either. Which is a shame considering the VN. That is why the DVD don't sell (I even heard they are probably not making a sequel because of that)

Originally Posted by AmyElizzabeth View Post
On topic, when are we gonna get subs, do you think?
Yeah, topic is important. The subs are just going to be out after the DVD release, which will take months. At most you will get poor done subs for poor done videos made by people filming inside the theater.
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