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Originally Posted by AmyElizzabeth View Post
Because his voice is hot and sounds smiley.

Umineko anime was awesome, I'm tired of people comparing it to the VN.

On topic, when are we gonna get subs, do you think?
It really depends on when we get a raw of the movie. I have my doubts about a camcorder copy, but stranger things have happened. I imagine a release will happen about the month of August for the DVD/Blu-ray for a 6 month release. As soon as something's posted, we'll know. I'd imagine it would take about 5 days to a week for speedy subs and about 2-2.5 weeks for quality subtitles like afk. It's highly expected, so I'd imagine sub groups would be working quickly to get a release out.

In an convenient twist, the official Haruhi website seems to be down. I don't think it's supposed to be since I accessed it both yesterday and today, but it's rather humorous
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