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Originally Posted by Heatth View Post
Your 'today' is not the same as japanese 'today', you know. The japanese 'today' started 10 hours ago.
I was insinuating that it would be applicable for both time zones (my own and the Japanese time zone). Since I was not able to access the internet at all on Friday in Japan and the United States, I could not vouch for that time period. For my time zone, Japan is 14 hours ahead with no daylight savings time activated and I accessed it both times on the "next" day from which I was currently in.

Edit: Wow, I'm surprised that I've got 100 posts. I can feel my life slipping away into Haruhism as time flows. I not saying this in a harsh manner. I was just letting you know that I am aware of the time differences.

vvv It's very probable that the website is just down, I find it quite convenient that it's vanished two weeks before the movie comes out as well as ironic since they like to "vanish" it every December 18th.

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