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Originally Posted by Seitsuki View Post
Played it a bit. Notes:

-Star farming gets VERY repetitive very fast (exact same map, same enemies, a few different conditions that are recycled over and over).
-Seeing plants which were featured in 1 including my favourite (torchwood) be moved to IAP sucks. Very expensive too (what'd you expect from EA).
-IAP in general isn't very obtuse; besides aforementioned plants everything else (upgrades, gold, keys etc) can generally be gotten by playing long enough. Very long. Which is where the repetitive comes in. I just can't bring myself to do so as it's painfully mindnumbing.
-This is because gameplay-wise you'll pretty much be doing the same strategy over and over. There's very little variety outside the tried and true tactics from 1. The same enemies spawn in the same place at the same time so replay value is minimal.

All in all not too bad especially considering entry is free, but unlike the first it failed to utterly hook me.
No frost peas made me sad.

It feels more like that PvZ game on facebook if anything.
Unlike the first one all you have are pretty much re-skinned zombies. Their not really unique, they practically do the same thing from their normal counterparts. Turning ice peas and torchwood to "premium" is a low blow.

Sei-chan should play the vocaloid version of PvZ instead!
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