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Originally Posted by Silver_Scorcher
Well, considering that all of the new main characters had mostly one liners, not to mention Rey Za Burrel with a whopping 2 or 3 grunts and gasps, it's hard to say at this point. Shin didn't have a lot of lines in episode 1 and surprisingly for a main character, he didn't get a lot of screen time, except for the prologue. Sting, actually appeals to me for some reason, and he looks a lot better in the series then in the opening, where he looks like a friggin geek. Either way he resembles Oruga Sabnack a lot. Episode 2 at this point seems to focus on Rey, Neo & Shin so maybe something will stand out at me by then. Yzak & Athrun were my favourite characters from SEED, and unless something drastic happens, that will probably hold true for me in Destiny as well. Mwu was one of my favourites too, but now that he's dead...

Also, I don't know if it was already posted somewhere, but rumor has it that Shiho Hanenfus, the elite ZAFT pilot who pilots the CGUE Deep Arms in SEED MSV, is Yzak's fiancee. How about that eh? Yzak finally gets some love.
Good for Yzak, I was afraid he was pining for Dearkka...

My favorite character in Seed by far was Mwu. I loved that guy after him it was usually a toss-up. I didn't really care that much for anyone else. But then in the last 6 or 7 episodes Yzak bumped all the way up to #2 for me so I hope he gets some decent screen-time in this.

As for Destiny? Well it's only been one episode. We've seen Lunamaria sit in a jeep and complain about the hustle on the base. We've seen Rey shoot loving gazes at Gilbert as he got off the transport... The Earth Trio got the most time of the new characters and I knew I was going to love Stellar just from her character designs, but the whole Crazy side to her is awesome.

She's like an anime Milla Jovovich
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