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Animation Quality: 8/10: Probably the biggest reason for me to watch this was to see how the characters would look drawn "well", and Deen did not disappoint. Sure the overall look is quite generic and the animation get kinda unrefined once it zooms out, but they remained faithful to the original designs,
and all characters looked like themselves. That being said, the oversized breast proprtions of some characters kinda disturbed me.
Voice Actors: 9/10: Everyone sounded exactly like i thought they would!
The actor i enjoyed the most would be Daisuke Ono as Battler, he really nailed the performance perfectly.
Adaptation from Game: 4/10: Everything was faitful enough, but so much was taken out that the end result felt like a slideshow. I found it to work surprisingly well as a summary of sort to refresh my mind at times. But this is not what an anime adaptation should be, as it is, if you plan to introduce yourself to Umineko, you should just play the novel first instead of it just being for ones who'd like a little more information.
Music: 7/10: I was pleasantly surprised to find that the anime actually uses a largy amount of remixed music from the VN. Unfortunately, the music selection and when they play seem kinda odd. WHERE'S DREAD OF THE GRAVE?

Overall: 6/10: The end result is not too bad, it's cool that they used music from the VN and seeing and hearing the familiar characters this way is also worth watching for. Unfortunately, the anime completely fails at the most important aspect, the story. And i can't really reccomend it to anyone other than those who has already read the VN and just want something extra.

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