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Originally Posted by GDB View Post
I already feel like we've had as many episodes of that as we did with them getting to him.
Personally, while BONES did a good job with the whole "SHOUNEN" thing, I think if they drag it out any longer, it's going to start getting stale. I see, at most, one more episode of that before they move on with the plot and setting.

I'm thinking if Aika does turn out to be the Mage of Exodus, then Samon's time in the spotlight is going to dry up soon, and once Hakaze presumably returns to the present, in a few more episodes say...Samon will likely be relegated back to minor character status, like he was prior to the start of this multi-episode sword banging.

On the subject of Mahiro, yes, he's definitely not traditional protagonist material (though one could argue he's not really the/or a protagonist, but rather we're watching a play in which he's called the protagonist...a subtle difference, but a difference non-the-less). The entire show has obviously been inspired by Shakespeare, though not as in-your-face as Hollywood has with such movies like Claire Dane's Romeo and Juliet, and the portrayal of Mahiro is just one of many things seemingly shaped from that inspiration.

I think the real question is what Mahiro's fate is going to be. Shakespeare did have a few happy endings, but those plays are not usually what he's remembered for.
It feels like years since they've been updated, btw.
Also, cake.
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