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You start with a Stargate type black hole on an airplane, add a mega-billion dollar cloning project in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, add a highly lethal virus in a breakable bottle which apparently kills all the scientists involved equals = I got nothing!

Without a Lost type beam to bring the plane down and start a time loop there is nothing to tie the two technologies together. If you resurrected your precious family members you certainly would not drop them into a jungle filled with prehistoric carnivores and even more dangerous crazy people. If the virus ate the workers and transformed them into the students, why would it wait decades to activate? If the pods took that long to gestate, who scattered the passengers around the crash site?

How can these inconsistencies be rationalized in two weeks? Either Sengoku wakes up in the hospital with his head bandaged or it is all a big Truman Show type reality TV - with about 70% casualties.
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