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H-hi there Anime Suki.

I am a fanfiction writer for Sword Art Online and I just wanted to ask a few questions on how to nail down a few character archetypes and expies.

For the main character, she would be kinda a mixture of Solid Snake and Kiritsugu Emiya. Getting the aloofness and 'nasty' attitude that is simple, but how would I structure her speech? If you could, give me a few examples or something...

As for the main villain... I was kinda going for a Vicious from Cowboy Bebop outlook. How would it be possible in this type of setting? I was planning for the villain to be a part of the Army as we can clearly see it started to deteriorate from what it originally was.

Any help would be appreciated!
Main advice

Focus on her thought processes.

Make her harsh, make her blunt, make her cynical.

Also, make a good backstory. Why does she end up that way? How old is she? Was she that way when she entered Aincard, or was she that way even before?

Hide the villain. Perhaps make him sympathetic, even. Perhaps he is a victim of a rotting institution, yet can see no other way to survive as he is accustomed to.

Ultimately, try writing it out. It's really impossible to say without seeing your work.
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