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Originally Posted by Onizuka-GTO View Post
*puts on shades/cross arms & Strike pose*

Who do you think your talking to?

*Baka-Tsuki flag flying in the background/space fleet twinkle in the heavens*

heh. always wanted to say that.

Anyway, been there, done that, got the virtual t-shirt and directors mug to go with it too.

but hey, by all means do it your own way, less work for me.
Do we even have a flag? If not, can it be this one?

Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
To understand what Itsuki is like, you really would need to explore what the Organization really was. What do we know about it? We at least know the following.

1.They currently are the benefactors of the Haruhi Espers (Itsuki included), that destroy the Avatars in the Closed spaces that She creates.

2.Their objectives are to prevent the creation of new closed spaces by Haruhi, and to contain the ones that she does create. This is done to ensure the stability of the current reality.

3.The resources they have available to them are not insignificant (Gaining private access to a mansion on a Private island? That can't be cheap)

4.Some of their members might unpleasant people. One of Saski's espers was pretty afraid of Mori, the organizations "maid". Mori didn't exactly look like she was thinking happy thoughts when they rescued Mikuru.

5.They have expertise. Note how one of the brothers was able to sucessfully track down a vehicle in a high speed chase. And Tamaru was obviously confident enough in his sailing skills to take the boat out in the middle of storm without desperation pushing him. These guys are obviously not salary men.

Generally speaking, people with these kinds of assets and skills aren't given or provided to people with sun shiny rosy dispositions. You might not like what you find when you look into Itsuki's background.

I personally think theres allot of nice material that could be expanded lying underneath everything going on in the original series.
Don't forget that the reason they have so much money is because of the Tsuruya family.
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