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Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Don't forget that the reason they have so much money is because of the Tsuruya family.
[Teal'c]Indeed[/Teal'c]. That also brings up the question, why exactly are the Tsuruya family involved with a group like the organization? How does the Tsuruya family get it's bread? Would it be incorrect to say their is no distinction between the Tsuruya clan an the organization?

All very interesting question, but not exactly relevant to this thread.
Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
@RR: You raise good points, but it isn't our job to flesh out Itsuki in the rewritten version of the novels. We'll wait for Tanigawa to do that himself. All we have to do is translate Itsuki and the organization into the characters we're creating.
Absolutely. The focus of this project is to gender invert the caste of the novels. And frankly I don't think that this kind of material would come up in the novels, but will merely be alluded to. I don't think the Agency would want Kyon who's trust they really need to keep Haruhi stable to find out about any Skeletons they might have in the closet.

They wouldn't be a secret organization if they let stuff like that out
Originally Posted by Tangowr View Post
Damn, Haruki is such a Frau Fresser, ain't he. Nothing can appease his appetite.
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