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Originally Posted by Kamui4356 View Post
See you don't understand. Muslims are less rational than a normal person, and you can't expect them to behave in a civilized manor when exposed to potentially provoking stimuli. Therefore, we need to treat them like wild animals and not provoke them in any way.

What gets me is this is actually implied in the statements of a lot of people who claim to be defending muslims. Personally, I think it's worse than the people who go around burning korans. At least they're open about their prejudice against muslims. The notion that muslims are especially prone to fits of anger, thus the pastor, as a rational person unlike those poor muslims is responsible is idiocy of the highest order. The people who killed the UN workers were extremists who, if not for the burning of the koran, would have found some other excuse to murder foreigners. I'm sure the vast majority of muslims didn't care beyond maybe a "that guy's an asshole, fuck him" reaction.
No, I know they are not the most rational people and animals kill for survival so it isnt fair for the animals when you compare those people to them. I just make fun of all the people that want to persecute other for exercise their rights in their own countries. If they want to ban anything that would make those religion of peace offend, they should have scraped the whole constitution and install the damn sharia law
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