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First episode is average on all counts. I do like that the protagonist is out of high school though.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
I get the sense that this anime is aiming to be on the level of a Ga-Rei Zero, but keeps getting stuck in Mai HiME territory (if that, even).
I had that feel too. We're going to be light-hearted and then get real serious. The question is how well will it flow.

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The chara design is a bit plain, but ok. The lead girl's breasts are too big, so big it's distracting. My eyes were drawn to those two ballons everytime she appeared on screen. They look out of place on her body somehow. The little sister was very cute and awesome.
Those breasts are pretty bad. When she got up in the restaurant I was like "Whaaaaaaat!?" and just face palmed.
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