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Now that was a pretty uninspiring first episode.

First we get a very weird intro.
Next comes a crappy, awkward OP. Bleh.
Then the story telling is rather haphazardly, with many abrupt changes and no explanations offered.

The cast ist pretty lame:
- a random loli
- a random oba-san with huge, oddly shaped melon tits
- a random student who escaped from his tiny village to the big town
- a random psychopath who is all talk and doesn't do anything before he allows the loli to simply blast him away, just to easily escape again later. What what the point of that, anyway?

In short, I find myself not in the least interested in any of those, much less feeling sympathy or liking for any of them, they're just too bland.

ED wasn't half-bad. The muppet preview at the end though really did freak me out

I wonder if I should still bother with the second episode.
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