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Best episode, finally things are getting really interesting and an unexpected Miyano performance.
After reading the comments it does seem likely that Himegami=Izumiko although to think the difference in personalities But still I don't understand what exactly is she, like she said in the episode, with her power it's difficult to think that she's just a human.
And they should stop making Izumiko wear make-up.

If Himegami=Izumiko is right, does Yukimasa know it? If so, why is he so creepy and looks like he wants to bang her? Scumbag father who wants his son's girlfriend

Also, after Himegami's comment about how she knows Miyuki's spells, do you think that maybe the seals he taught Izumiko were actually the ones which made her appear? I found weird the timing of her appearance and with the braids.
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