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Red face Songs that make you wanna sing

well i know there are some songs that i have to sing. it just happens. sometimes anime songs but doesnt have to be. here are some:

ted leo and the pharmacist- me and mia
radiohead creep-creep
rage against the machine- sleep now in the fire
beat crusaders-moon on the water (from Beck)
Against Me!- reinventing axle rose (acoustic)
the beatles-rocky racooon
beaulah-if we can land a man on the moon
cockney rejects- oi oi oi
the pillows-hybrid rainbow (although i mostly just make noise since i dont know japanese)
these are only a couple

i love all these songs and recomend every single one. so i'm in interested in seeing what other people cant resist to sing to. and hopefully find some awesome new music for me to listen to in the process
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