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A very brilliant series! I have read through the threads and decided against commenting too much on anything, because the lively discussion here has pretty much died down now. And to be honest, much of my interpretation of the show falls along fairly similar lines to what some of you have already posted. All I will say is that Monster is one of the most entracing stories that I have ever encountered. Excellent art and animation that provides the most believeable of settings. Beautiful character development - you can fall in love with each and every character, because just about everyone involved has a story to tell. And of course, an intricate plot that encompasses a very intriguing mystery stretched over four decades presented in outstanding quality.

In the first half of the series, we learn who the monster is and how the monster works. By the end, we understand why the monster is and watch the monster work. Each episode provided yet another clue, adding another piece to the history of the monster. Everything culminates in a most satisfactory ending that ties everything together. I reiterate: a very brilliant series!

Originally Posted by mizuhansha
When Johan greets Anna when she returns from the red rose mansion, why is he holding a copy of The A Monster without a Name book?
The book readings did affect Johan and gave birth to the monster inside him. So, even after the family escaped to the Three Frogs, the teachings, the corrupted philosophy stuck with him. Johan must have been completely captivated by the story, so unless I completely miss the mark, my guess is that when the family left, either Johan stole the book from Bonaparta or Capek must have given it to him.
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