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Hmmm, where this was said? Really, I don't remember aanything similar. If it was the case, why he wasn't in the school from the begining? Why transfer latter? He is also one of the weaker ESPers, you woul thing the main agent would be a more powerfull one. I believe there is another agent in the school way before Itsuki transfer, maybe in the calss 1-5 (fuel for another thread). Itsuki was send there as support, but end up Haruhi choosed him.

And, frankly, I don't see nothing in Itsuki conversation with Kyon that indicate he want to betrayal him. He might be just acting, but it is a baseless speculation.
I believe it was said in an interview regarding Character backstory from the Author way back in 2005 or so. It stated that Itsuki was assigned, Haruhi didn't "Choose". The only person Haruhi actually picked was Kyon. The rest were placed there for reasons unknown by the various factions.

As for tranfering, Haruhi wanted a transfer student and that's what she got. There are a group of espers in the school already according to Koizumi as well.

I think he will betray him eventually. Not for a while yet though.

Originally Posted by worldruined View Post
It just strikes me as way, way too obvious. Will the Organization betray Kyon? Possibly. Will Koizumi, himself, do it? I'm not convinced of that.
Well, Koizumi as i said is the only person in the SOS brigade with a Human Motive. I therefore believe him to be the most likely candidate. Some of the best twists ever written were because the audience thought they were too obvious to happen.

I think Koizumi will betray Kyon in an attempt to get Haruhi or somthing but not for a while yet.

Koizumi's also studied Kyon's entire life story and is clearly pretty fond of him (whether you take that to be on a "friendship" level or a "romantic" one is up to you). Why would he necessarily betray one for the other? (Further, if it weren't for one line in an alternate universe in volume four, would people have been as likely to jump on the "Koizumi loves Haruhi" bandwagon?)
Even without Disapperance it's not crazy to make the judgement that Koizumi loves Haruhi. He is openly resentful of their relationship on multiple occasions. He is probably interested in Kyon (As to why a normal human is with Haruhi ectra, Why Haruhi picked him specifically)

Source on the "specific agents" thing?

Koizumi comments on their relationship because one of his motives -- or the Organization's, whichever -- seems to be to play matchmaker get Haruhi and Kyon together. Kyon keeps denying it and Koizumi keeps pushing; if Koizumi wanted a better chance for himself, he probably wouldn't be acting the way he does.
That's a valid point, In nearly every book he does push Haruhi and Kyon a LOT. Perhaps he is trying to keep things as stable as possible. It seems to work with Kyon admiting it in Book 9.

Simply put, Kyon trusts Koizumi.
I'll conceed that.

Whether that trust is well placed is another matter entirely.
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