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Originally Posted by Heatth View Post
A cool theory. But is to much for a single line, I guess. IT would be a nice foreshadow, tough.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time a single line in the series gets picked up for expansion in a later volume.

Originally Posted by Tornadium View Post
I believe it was said in an interview regarding Character backstory from the Author way back in 2005 or so. It stated that Itsuki was assigned, Haruhi didn't "Choose". The only person Haruhi actually picked was Kyon. The rest were placed there for reasons unknown by the various factions.

As for tranfering, Haruhi wanted a transfer student and that's what she got. There are a group of espers in the school already according to Koizumi as well.
We know he was assigned; he says as much. The only thing Haruhi "chose" him for was for the SOS Brigade, but even that was semi-scripted, since the Organization undoubtedly knew she wanted a "mysterious transfer student", so cue one "mysterious transfer student". They just didn't expect her to swoop in on him so quickly.

And no, I don't think it was ever stated that there are already a group of espers in the school -- Organization agents, yes, but not necessarily espers. Not all of the Organization's members are espers; Kyon's count puts their number at a "handful", while Koizumi states there are about ten. The Organization seems to be much larger than that.

Originally Posted by Tornadium View Post
Well, Koizumi as i said is the only person in the SOS brigade with a Human Motive. I therefore believe him to be the most likely candidate. Some of the best twists ever written were because the audience thought they were too obvious to happen.
And Asahina-san's motive of "I want to live" could not be considered human? If something were to happen that would make her choose one or the other, choosing the SOS Brigade (and assuming the future could be changed thus) would possibly erase her future, meaning that she'd essentially die, along with everything else she loved and cherished about her life before being sent back in time. That's not a human motive, to want to protect that?

Originally Posted by Tornadium View Post
Even without Disapperance it's not crazy to make the judgement that Koizumi loves Haruhi. He is openly resentful of their relationship on multiple occasions. He is probably interested in Kyon (As to why a normal human is with Haruhi ectra, Why Haruhi picked him specifically)
I'd love to see some quotes on this, because I don't remember any instances in which he is "openly resentful" for their relationship. Does he mention being jealous? Yes, but it's never specified it's because of the reason you state. It's just as easy to twist that and say "maybe he's jealous because he knows that he never has a chance with Kyon" or "he's jealous because no one trusts him at all" or "maybe he just wants to find love and sees the Haruhi+Kyon as an ideal he doesn't feel he will ever reach". If the line in Disappearance had never existed, I can almost guarantee you that people would look at those "jealous" lines differently, if they don't already.

Originally Posted by Tornadium View Post
Whether that trust is well placed is another matter entirely.
Yes, trusting Koizumi could be wrong.

Kyon could also be wrong about trusting Nagato. Or Asahina-san. Or Haruhi herself. You never know. Maybe they're all waiting to backstab him.
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