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Originally Posted by Heatth View Post
There were no way of they knowing she wants a "mysterious transfer student", as she only told to Kyon. I believe they only send Itsuki as an extra support, as agents from other factions have already approached to her. It was 'lucky' he being choosed. I can guess he was send to the school to try to enter in the SOSDan, but I believe it would be impossible to the Organizaton knows he would be cooced so fast. Its not like Mikuru, whose bosses already knew it was going to happen.
To be fair, the conversation in which she expresses a desire for a "mysterious transfer student" is never stated to be in any particular location, at least in the novel. In the anime, it takes place just outside the classroom. One could argue that her wish could have been easily overheard there.

And anyway, the Organization would probably have still transferred in an esper after the other two faction's representatives ended up in the Brigade. It would just be a coincidence (or "God's will") that a transfer student was what she wanted.

Originally Posted by Heatth View Post
Heh, actually, Mikuru is the only one he don't trust. Not he thinks she will backstab him, but he never tell things to her and would never rely on her.
And since she has never explicitly stated (or even really shown) that given a choice between one or the other, she would consider the SOS Brigade's well-being over the future's, this is another reason why I'd consider her for betrayal before anyone else.
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