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(im not trying to offend anyone, these r simply my opinions)
-after reading over the conversation i thought id submit my thoughts
a negative relationship no doubt about it has been formed with iraq, and on tv and or the internet, u can hear iraqis curse the states and ask wat theyve done to deserve this sort of punishment...wait, i thought the americans were supposed to help iraq? u no get rid of the leader, then everything would be great. his attack on terrorists in iraq focuses on his main goals mainly, he doesnt care for the peoples well being in iraq, otherwise he would probably stop killing them...probably. bush's logic is like killing a building full of civilians, just so he could kill a few terrorists, not caring about the other innocent people inside the building.
a big part of the war was no doubt for oil, otherwise the americans wouldnt be pumping gas back to the US. maybe bush saw it as a win win situation. take some oil, free the country from a terrifying leader, then every 1 can congratulate u for taking bak sadaam and US will be known for not only being the stongest country military wise in the world, but for saving and helping 3rd world countries.
although every 1 would like to, u cant just blame bush, hes the guy thats hired to make stupid disicions and take the blame for it, u can take this all the bak to the media, or the political infulence, w/e u think causes this actions, u can blame a lot of people and influences.
many american troops die, and more iraqis troops die. for those who say it was a good decision to send troops into iraq, none of these disicions r good, but war exists becuz of bad desicions. Bush if just trying to make other countries fear the US that way his decisions can be backed up by other countries, reasuring his dicisions are correct to the people living in his country.
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