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Originally Posted by Thany
Well it's easy to know that oil was about 95% of the reason
You just have to see how Bush didn't care that he wasn't approved for this war, he just wanted to get his oil and to attack the Iraq.
Also, in case you didn't know, the USA are not in a that good position against the Iraq, even though their army is way stronger than the rebels.
Also, the US army hasn't only killed rebels, but also might have killed innocents people.
Oh, you silly French can't win a war without the US anyways. Unless the opponent is also french as in the French Revolution, then again.... it did get taken over by a man from Corsica which only 10 years or so eariler should have been Italian.

(I love Albinoblacksheep)

But anyways.

If you know anything about the US land, we CAN be self sufficent in oil if we start digging for our Shael rocks in the Midwest. Heck we have so much Oil in Alaska to last us another 100 years. Then of course all of our drilling in the Pacific. I'll just trust Bush on this one, where he claimed that Saddam had WMD. Oil is a part of it, but I'll just say "Manifest Destiny"

So why not dig there? It's just not logical to build all those refineries, go through the WWF, and all that stuff.

Yes I know he doesn't have any, and blah blah blah, but we didn't know that until we actually invaded AND checked ourselves. If someone kicks out our inspectors, doesn't like us all that much, we called them evil, what was the US to think?

The US did kill innocent people. Heck there was a video recently where an Iraqi was playing dead to try and escape, then US soldiers were screaming

"That fucker is Breathing!"
"He's not Fucking Dead!!"
"He's dead now."
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