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Yeah I wanted to get either a Marshall or an Orange Tube amp. Either Half stack, Full, or Combo, but you know too expensive :P Of course I plan on buying a new amp soon, I just needed a bigger amp quick because I'm auditioning for Jazz band and people told me my teacher would make me buy a new amp.

The Fender I have is an American Strat, but my uncle [who bought a HUGE pack of these to sell for his business] got ripped off because the electronics inside are utter crap. I've changed the pick ups though and I'm not sure what pick ups they are because I got them off of a different guitar, but my friend who helped me put it in said it's probably DiMarzios. [The bridge has a higher output and is a *probably* DiMarzio Humbucker] And my friend re-wired the guitar so that I can use the neck pickup and the bridge pick up simultaneously, even though there's a mid pick up. And I've changed the nut to a custom one that the guitar repair guy made and changed the input. I SOOOO Badly want the Gibson All Axcess Guitar but again money. I might settle for a Gibson Les Paul. Two other guitar brands that stick out in my mind are Shecter and Ibanez. I want a Shecter with EMG pick ups, since it would be more affordable than a Gibson. And for an Ibanez, the only problem is that when I get a new guitar, I prefer it to have a Floyd Rose tremelo. ESPECIALLY if it's from Shecter and Ibanez. Ibanez don't put in Floyd Rose unless you go to the REALLY pricey ones.

Dang this ended up being long. Sorry :P
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