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My Art thread

Yeah since the forum crash I'll start my thread a new. If thats okay.

So I got the tree idea from 123Hamster from this *~ Second Contest Winners announced ~*

So I hope that he isn't mad at me cause I trying to work on my trees. I really need to work on them. So cerdit goes to Hamster for helping out by giving us exmaples of what a tree should look like hehe. XD So here my hoilday cheer for everyone. So I hope that everyone has a rocking one. I did this all on my adobe which is a first for me ^^;;

heres a really old one. I did. I can't beleive I still had it. ^^;

both ryan and me are winning as Jason is a little mad that he is behind. Well since I have time off I'll try to get more stuff up.

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