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Originally Posted by Wolcik
do u have a scaner or do u use ur friend's like me?
I have my own but its a little buggie at times. ^^;; maybe I'll get a new one or some more art stuff for xmas or new years. I still have a lot of ious from my family on gifts

Originally Posted by muuko
In the first pic, I think the gift boxes could use some more shading XDD
And the 2nd pic.. the guy on the left reminds me of Harry Potter! :P hehehe but rebecca is cute ><
Yeah I agree that I needed to add some more shading maybe under the bow and other stuff on the tree to give it a little more depth and gifts were just added super fast to give some ground cover XD

Hehe please don't tell Ryan that ! yeah he does look a lot like Harry Potter, and kinda evil Harry Potter cause he growing a beard. So its like evil harry hehe XD

I need to post up some new fanart of my.
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