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Originally Posted by Nightengale
While D.Gray-Man is fairly popular, (( The tankoubon sales are apparently quite strong...when godly contenders aren't in sight that is. )), it's hardly at the point where it can flamboyantly create tons of fillers because it is that damn good *looks at Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh, One Piece and Naruto*, since D.Gray-Man isn't even over 100 chapters.

Technically speaking, there are 2 parts in the current manga where it could work as a "to-be-continued" ending, one early on with Allen's boss fight, a shocking revelation and the prologue of a new arc and another slightly later on with Rinali's boss fight, a highly suspenceful battle scenario and the true beginning of a new arc.
lol as long as the fillers aren't as boring as naruto's i'm satisfied.
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