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Originally Posted by DeDe View Post
If you could group the most intelligent Naruto characters, I guess it could go like this.

>200 (Unmeasurable genius) Shikamaru

180 - 200 (Highest genius) Kakashi, Kabuto

165 - 179 (High genius) Orochimaru, Itachi, Haku

155 - 164 (Genius) Sakura, Shizune, Tsunade

145 - 154 (Low Genius) Temari, Shino, Asuma, Kurenai

There are certain characters I can't rank because of manga spoilers.

You are throwing number as if IQ is some sort of parking lot sale..

The fact that Kishimot gave Shikamaru a 200 plus IQ was to make it look so big to even believe it was true. If you are going to put other characters IQ, none of them surpasses the 140 Mark, the tactics/strat/smarts you have seen in others are more on Experience, rather than Intelligence.
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