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You are throwing number as if IQ is some sort of parking lot sale..

The fact that Kishimot gave Shikamaru a 200 plus IQ was to make it look so big to even believe it was true. If you are going to put other characters IQ, none of them surpasses the 140 Mark, the tactics/strat/smarts you have seen in others are more on Experience, rather than Intelligence.
I usually never try to tact on real world values in a fantasy setting. Kishimoto only used it once with Shika and it was for a specific reason. To try to put Shika above everyone else.

Trying to gauge the other characters IQ's was only specualtion and opinion. Nothing more. A message board without speculation and opinion would have about three posts. It very unlikely Kakashi has an IQ anywhere between 180 and 200. There is nothing is the series that suggests this. But if the author tells us that Shika has over a 200 IQ, then we hear about how Kakashi has a similar brain, then it stands to reason he should at least be in the ballpark with intelligence. Pure fantasy, but whatever.

Originally Posted by Juruzu
where would the Hokage's (excluding Tsunade) fall under.. i mean the fourth was called a genius.. and the third wasnt called the proffesor for nothing..
To the Japanese, genius also means prodigy. Someone with a great amount of natural talent. An athlete like Tiger Woods or Alex Rodriguez could also fit under the genius definition. That’s why Neji and Sasuke are called a geniuses despite their intelligence being nowhere near a Shikamaru’s

In the West we think of genius meaning pure intelligence. Like an Einstein or Stephen Hawkin.

Originally Posted by I Like Shinny!
Why is Temari even in the question? She just swings her fan around like an idiot. she's like that one gun with a huge gun who always gets shoot.
Not true. She showed good intelligence in her fight with Shikamaru. She was probably not use to someone out-thinking her and this is what probably started her interest in him. She waited until Shika explained Tayuya's abilities before attacking. The databook describes her as a strategist in a similar vein to Shikamaru.
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