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This game really shouldn't be called FFXIV, it should be FFXI v2.0.

It's basically FFXI with shinier graphics, all the names changed, the maps changed, a pseudo-FF13 Paradigm Shift system bolted onto FFXI's Job System.

There's nothing new, really. Square utterly failed at their assertion to make FFXIV "grind-free." It plays just like every other MMORPG since FFXI and WoW. Click monster. Autoattack monster. Drop cooldown abilities as they become available. Kill monster. Loot monster. All bow down to Random Number Generator, our lord and master.

Can't we get something a little more interactive than WoW? Would prefer a TES/Fallout 3 sort of system. RNG controls fine-tuning, but the basic aiming, dodging and suchlike is done by the player.
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