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Battle system is boring. It's ripped straight from WoW. Click monster, start autoattacking, fill in space with cooldown specials. All events are calculated via ability scores and random dice rolls.

What is this, 1990?

It's not hard as fuck to make a real-time active combat system into an MMO. It's already been done with Planetside and Huxley, two MMOFPS games. Don't tell me bandwidth limitations make it impossible, because both of those games work just fine.

The reason nobody does it is because of Blizzard, WoW and the game's ludicrous level of success. WoW is the reason that all MMORPGs made after WoW are basically ripoffs of WoW with slight variations. Fortunately it's becoming apparent to everyone that WoW's success is utterly anomalous and will never happen again.

No MMORPG can kill WoW, because its success is a freak accident, and Blizzard is going to be in for a rude awakening when it's time to retire the game and whatever they try to follow it up with doesn't get 10 million subscribers.

I hope that FFXIV, TOR and any upcoming WoW-alikes fail hard, just to get any new developers interested in making an MMORPG to step the fuck away from the WoW model and try something new and innovative.

Perhaps Interplay and Bethesda will deliver with Project V13... but I almost dread its creation, as Blizzard has shown us very clearly how badly an MMORPG can mangle the lore and reputation of a series.
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