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Originally Posted by Hujan View Post
Vol 5 had come out in April, and vol 6 in August,
so, has anyone read it and give us spoiler or maybe can give us link to spoiler? (in japanese, chinese, korean or whatever, as long as we can translate it with google translate). thanks.
Type "ameblo kamakura 俺を好きなのはお前だけか"in google. It will display all link to review and detailed spoiler of this series for each vol. It will be more faster this way because the blog writer also reviewed and give spoiler to other LN.

The manga chapter now is in where jyoro is being framed by his best friend sun-chan and being bullied by all of his classmate you should read it. You can read it for free in shonen jump +(plus) website. I think new chapter will be released once every month on the same day as WORLD'S END HAREM.
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