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Originally Posted by DeDe View Post
Neji is only around average intelligence. He only looked smart in the Sasuke Retrieval Arc because he was on a team with Kiba, Choji, and Naruto.
lol.. good point!

Naruto has good brain for strategy though most of them are related to Kage Bunshin. He can be brilliant at times when the situation is dire. In other times, I'll take Konohamaru over Naruto in a heart beat.

Sasuke seems like a specialist when it comes to mixing up ninjutsu and taijutsu. There are plenty of good example of that fact, but the example of Sasuke's special trait can be found in the fight against Orochimaru, in the forest of death. I wonder how scary he will be when he starts mixing up genjutsu with his already formidable skill for taijutsu and ninjutsu.

Shikamaru, without a doubt, is the brain amongst his peer. Shika's skill is very limited compared to Sasuke's, Naruto's, or Neji's. Most of his opponent always have serious advantage over him and yet, he overcame most of those opponent with sheer intelligence and strategy. Shika takes his, otherwise silly, shadow-bind skill to a new height with his brain and opens up the Shadow-bind jutsu to an infinite possibilities. He is, without a doubt, the brain among his peer.. and most likely the brain-child of this series.

Kabuto and Kakashi are just too mysterious to gauge their respective intelligence. That said, Kakashi looked mighty stupid when he fought Zabuza by getting trapped in that water prison, but in their second confrontation, it was Kakashi turn to make Zabuza look stupid. Kabuto had the upper hand when he escaped Kakashi's grasp from the hospital. In that small confrontation, Kabuto thought out 3 steps ahead of Kakashi.

Sakura-chan has got the brain for learning and memorizing. She also demonstrated some flare of intelligence and strategy when she fought against one of the sound nin in the forrest of death.

Lee... well, he is noble. Even the likes of Naruto can create serious problem for this sweet-hearted hero when it comes to using brain.

Neji has serious talent. He is called a "genius" by his clan. His fighting skill is mostly limited to taijutsu, but his taijutsu is special. He also uses good rationale to reach to a conclusion as was seen when he fought Spiderman (Kidomaru). A good brain gives rise to proper rationalizing.
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