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Originally Posted by Lathdrinor View Post
You have got to be kidding me. If North Korea "tests" its nuke(s) on China it will be annihilated. Even the North Korean leaders aren't that stupid. The South isn't going to be backing them up on this one (because if it did, it too will likely be annihilated).
No,this time around, NKorea is surrounded. China doesn't care so much about NKorea anymore (it's like the disgrace to all communist/former-communist states). Japan and SKorea actually seem to have hidden US missles. US can use 'em anytime. And of course 1.3 billion PRC citizens will wallop 23 million DPRK citizens. Add that 1.3 bil to another 0.1 bil Japanese, and 48 million SKoreans. Talk about people power.
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