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Originally Posted by owq View Post
What if it's your very good friend? Or relative? And he's holding a gun at you? Will you kill him?

I mean, it's a highly impossible situation. But you asked for one. =P

But in Welkin's situation, he had to hestitate because Alicia was being held hostage. And he might have tried to aim for the head, but missed and shot his arm instead.

Of course, I know that firing a pistol on a moving vehicle against someone on another vehicle, and hitting where you want, is GODLIKE.

I've never used a pistol before, but I guess you can do that with a rifle.

But this is an anime, so I think we shouldn't think too much about it.
Depends on the situation. Even if it's a good friend or relative, if there's no way of stopping them, or they've killed a lot of people, they'll be meeting their maker. And I'm good up to 20 yards with my .45 on the fly. After that, forget it.
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