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Originally Posted by MikaMiaka View Post
I honestly have no idea why -- I'm really liking it a lot. Maybe it's cause I didn't know anything about the game or the show prior and hence did not have any expectations.

The show is light, fun, and though devoid of any real substance, it's a pleasure to view, colorful and pleasant to the eyes, with a great cast and an involving if choppy plot line.
That's the problem, though. This is supposed to be a war story with strong focus on human interrelationships. It shouldn't be "devoid and any real substance."

It can have light moments and fun moments. The game had a lot of those. But it was still had a serious plot with several emotional scenes.

As I play through the game a second time I think I'm coming to realize how close to perfect the game was in so many senses, including storyline. I think that definitely adds to the disappointment I feel with the anime because I know it would be so hard for the anime to come even close to the game in terms of quality.
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