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I don't understand the attachment some of you guys have to Kallen. She's the biggest disappointment of all of Code Geass. She had the most potential to really become an interesting, engaging character. Instead she became an empty character whose story ends in episode 8 or 9 of S1.

Season 1 definitely had me hooked on Kallen, specially the early parts. She was a half-Eleven living a double life as a student and a terrorist. She had a junkie mother and a wealthy Britannian father, yet the only aspect of her character that is really explored is her mother. Her brother who is a major motivation is never explored, as is her father.

I don't know about you, but instead of having her run around Asford in a sexy ass revealing as fuck outfit inside a mascot I would've preferred to see how she interacted with her FATHER. I think that interaction would've done more for me in terms of liking her, as opposed to just the plain indifference I have towards her. IDK I feel like most of the development time spent on Kallen was horribly managed and that didn't end up doing much for her as a character.
Oh please, even though we didn't get the BG they kept promising us in season 2, you can find way worse when it comes to character managment in Code Geass.

Between useless characters, sudden "change of mind" characters, and characters with promise of an awesome BG who turn out to have been slave in the past, I don't think she was this bad devellopped in the end.

I'd be the first one whining about the change of devellopemnt but in the end she is still one of the most devellopped character of season 2, and by far. Which is awesome since every character who is not Lelouch in this show is doomed.

So yeah, I think she was pretty useful and awesome. In the end her devellopment with Lelouch wasn't for shit and the guy learnt from her. This plus the fact she saved his pretty face more than once, so yeah, Even at the surface, the girl wasn't there to bake cookies.

You Disagree ? Cool, but I don't care. You can't understand the whole world.

And yes Paladinoras, C.C. is way less bashed than Kallen. While the girl is even more useless than Kallen in the majority of the serie (Don't misunderstood me, I love her (when her fans aren't around turning her into Mary Chi Chi Sue) but let's call a cat, a cat.

And Kallen is awesome, that's it.

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