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Britannia's fault or lack of it has nothing to do with my position on Kallen. Between external revolution (i.e. Lelouch, Kallen) and internal reform (i.e. Suzaku), the show showed neither to be absolutely correct. What was clearly indicated, however, was that Lelouch's search for vengeance was wrong--his mistrust and hatred for the royal family, and desire to take personal revenge on them for the death of his mother (including Charles), was misguided. Given that this constitutes a significant and at times even primary part of Lelouch's motivations, my 'right'/'wrong' side designation was based on whether they encouraged/discouraged this.
Not necessarily. Lelouch's search for vengeance have never been shown to be incredibly harmful. The main motif of Code Geass was never "Revenge is always wrong". His mistrust and hatred of the royal family bore fruit, they are all a corrupt bunch filled with internal squabbling which leads to death and destruction. The show never showed it as misguided, in fact, they showed it as a GOOD thing that Lelouch hated them. And no, in the end, Lelouch's primary motivation was simply to make a better world for Nunally and his friends rather than destroying the royal family. Wanting to find out the truth behind the death of his mother always came second to Nunally.

But this is in the wrong thread anyways, so why the hell am I even posting this.

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