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Well the concept/theory is just what you said. Shannon and Kanon are the same person thus reducing by one the total number of people in Rokkenjima. This of course means that either one of them is already dead (usually Kanon) and the other is disguising to play both roles.
The main factors behind this theory (usually referred as Shkannon theory) are:

1) Battler never sees both Shannon and Kanon at the same time
2) Kanon's body tends to disappear quite often and Battler has never seen it
3) The two persons are similar enough to make a disguise be feasible

Usually this theory is countered by red texts appearing in EP3, specifically the ones regarding the first twilight where 6 persons are confirmed to be dead including Shannon and Kanon in the list. Also there is a red text that appeared at the very end of EP4 that states that "only Kanon himself can use that name", which would prevent other people from claiming the same name.

The Shkannontrice theory is a variation that basically mixes the Shkannon theory with the popular theory of Beatrice being Shannon.

As for the "6 years ago", Beatrice was talking to Battler about his "sin", something that Battler had done on Rokkenjima at that time (he was 12 years old then). This is the main base of the so called "pony theory". Basically the theory says that Battler promised to Shannon that he would come back with a with a "white horse" but then forgot about that promise and Shannon has been waiting for him 6 years.

About Battler's birth situation, there are a few theories. Some think he's the son of that Beatrice that died in 1967, other believes he's actually Kyrie's son, that for some reasons has been switched with Asumu's son. Main reason is that the two women delivered on the same day.

Note: I avoided to point any fact that came after Ep4.

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