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Likewise, there's never been anything to foreshadow that she did love Ange or was a particularly excellent mother.
Ange never said Kyrie was a bad mother. She mentioned how Kyrie went along with the situation and took Ange to see Battler, how she planned gifts in advanced for her daughter's birthdays, kept her away from the Sumadera family (excluding her father, who is the only good person seen in that family).

This is my problem with the tea party and Kyrie's comments. We are never led to believe in the past episodes that Kyrie hated Ange, only that she held resentment towards Battler. So this game suddenly turning around and showing that doesn't make sense to me. Rudolf is even more confusing because how he seems to be okay with Kyrie slaughtering people, but in EP 6 he was crying because he thought Kyrie and Battler were dead.
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