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Originally Posted by Obelisk ze Tormentor View Post
Iíll add some more. Since you mentioned The Mars Daybreak and Macross Frontier on your list, I assume that you donít mind some mecha. If itís so, then hereís some romance/mecha titles which I see are not on your list:
Gunparade March and Full Metal Panic! (season 1, Fumoffu & The Second Raid).
Both contain romance, action, school life, good stories and graphics, and some comedy to boot. As for the endings, I donít want to spoil it, but I think youíll find them well done.

Some non-mecha romance or harem which not on your list (yet):
Onegai Teacher
Onegai Twins
Spice and Wolf
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Sorry if youíve seen these already.
I totally suggest you watch Onegai Teacher & Twins. You will love it, really. Just few weeks ago i had gone in a romance watching spree, and pratically watched all the titles you listed there. I guess you are looking for what i was looking for, therefore, once again, i totally suggest you watch those two titles, since they were topping my classific. It contains loads of romance, the graphic is totally acceptable, and they both have happy ending.

During this time i've been hunting this kind of animes, so i came across many other titles. Here they go: (Random order)
ladies vs butlers: Very ecchi show, contains some romance, gives good laugh, but the end didn't satisfy me (the anime is all the way happy and funny)
yosuga no sora: Like amagami SS, many parallel stories for each girl. I found amagami still superios, but you might prefer this one for the ecchi/sex scenes.
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: simple romance story, delicate girl, random boy, angry father... pleasant show, lot of romance, happy ending. I really suggest it. Considering you should first watch Onegai teacher & twins, this title would just come after them, since it's always settled at school.
Mayoi chiki: Guy discovers that the school butler is in reality a girl. He'll keep the secret, while the girl will help the guy with a problem: he nosebleeds when touched by a girl. Pleasant show, some kisses, pleasant ending. Very nice graphic imo, totally supported title.
Mayo neko overrun: Portrays many characters, lots of hot girls in it, some side romance, but no real ending. It would have been the perfect anime for me, if it had one fucking ending, instead of leaving it in a neutral state. Still, i really suggest you to watch it, since i liked it much. I just got disappointed because i expected an ending after all that story.
Omamori Himari: Contains cat girl, but if you ever hated hybrids, don't worry; i myself hate catgirls, but the girl in it (Himari) is 98% of the time in her normal form. The cat mode just looks like a funny side when it pop ups. It got fighting in it, kinda like sekirei. I loved it. Got an happy ending. This anime picked up my interest from the beginning, so shouldn't bore you at all.
Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo - School background, with some time travelling mindfucking. Loaded with romance and tears, and an happy ending. It's just a movie, but will give you many emotions. Was the first romance anime i've ever watched.
They are my noble masters: Guy and his sister become the butlers of a noble family containing chicks. Evolves much around ecchiness and develops some romance. It actually bored me and i dropped it, but it was because i was used to better titles. Still, put it on your list.
Yoake Mae yori Ruriiro na - Full romance anime, love between a guy from earth and the princess of the moon. Ye, really looks like those often heard tales, but i loved it. Awesome happy ending, good characters, growing drama near the end, romance growing exponentially near ep8. I would put this title under the definition of romance. One of my favorite ever.

There is another title that i would suggest you, since you seemed to love Angel Beats:
Haruhi Suzumiya No Yutsu: I find this the most similar anime to AB, for many reasons: the protagonist is a smart, rational, cool, funny and sometimes cynical student, whose thought will reflect yours 98% of the time. The story it's just from his point of view, making you easily sub in the character, even tho the anime is named after the name of the girl. The contents are pretty similar (god mindfucking, some time travelling), the characters are very similar (Haruhi is bossy and a leader), but it's lighter, since it tends more towards comedy. There is a romance in it, even tho it's often skipped on purpose. The anime series counts a total of 28 episodes (Of which one, named Endless eight is repeated 8 times: you just need to watch the first and the last endless 8) and a movie that is a monster. I found the movie being an orgasm haha; it gives so many emotions, an awesome mindfucking, and really makes you immedesimate yourself in the protagonist. It's my favorite of all the times. You need to watch the first 5 episodes to really understand and get taken in the story.

Anyways, the series only covers 5/11 books of the light novel. If it picks so much your interest, like it did for me, you'll most likely go read the novel aswell. The following chapters aren't that much impressive, but they add MANY story points that will be taken into account in the 10th and 11h books that are like an awesome story (if it ever got animated, would be better than the movie).

Ye sorry for the textwall, i just couldn't skip talking about this anime. Once again, if you loved AB, you'll love Haruhi.
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